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View Syllabus Information

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Course Information

Year 2019  School School of International Liberal Studies
Course Title
Intermediate Seminar 24

Instructor TRENSON, Steven
Term/Day/Period spring semester  Tues.5
Category Intermediate Seminar Eligible Year 2nd year and above Credits 2
Classroom 11-702 Campus waseda
Course Key 210GE20100 Course Class Code 24
Main Language English
  Course Code GENX201S
First Academic disciplines General Studies
Second Academic disciplines General Studies
Third Academic disciplines General Studies
Level Intermediate, developmental and applicative Types of lesson Seminar

Syllabus Information

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Subtitle Seminar on Shinto and the Gods of Japan
Course Outline Traveling through Japan, one will encounter many shrines which house one or more divinities. These divinities are usually referred to as ‘kami’ and they are mostly placed in the category of ‘Shinto.’ Since at least the seventh century, however, there have been extensive interactions between kami, Buddhist gods, and other divine forces with roots on the continent. As a result, a group of deities came into being, especially prized in the premodern period but also, in some cases, still popular today, which have a hybrid nature, integrating both Buddhist and indigenous elements. In this seminar we will read and discuss a number of selected materials on Shinto, kami, and hybrid deities, to have a better grasp of Shinto and the various gods of Japan.
Objectives Students taking this course will learn several aspects of Shinto and become acquainted with various Japanese divinities that can still be encountered today at shrines and temples or in modern culture in Japan. Through reading, presenting, and discussing selected materials, they will acquire a better grasp of Shinto and the nature of the Japanese gods. After taking the course, students will have a sound and critical understanding of this important aspect of Japanese culture and possess the skills to discuss it effectively in a globalizing society.
Course Schedule Sessions 1-2: Introduction and distribution of the reading materials
Sessions 3-14: Reading, presentation, and discussion of the materials.
Session 15: Conclusion
Textbooks Copies of the reading materials will be provided in class.
Reference References will be announced in class.
Evaluation One end-term paper (40%)
Presentations and participation in discussions (40%)
Evaluation of reading comprehension through short quizzes (20%)
Details of the evaluation criteria will be provided in class. Please note that the criteria are subject to change.

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