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View Syllabus Information

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Course Information

Year 2019  School School of International Liberal Studies
Course Title
Seminar on Philosophy and Religion 03

Instructor TRENSON, Steven
Term/Day/Period spring semester  Tues.2
Category Advanced Seminar Eligible Year 3rd year and above Credits 2
Classroom 11-909 Campus waseda
Course Key 210PR50100 Course Class Code 03
Main Language Japanese/English
  Course Code PHLV381S
First Academic disciplines Philosophy
Second Academic disciplines Philosophy
Third Academic disciplines Others
Level Advanced, practical and specialized Types of lesson Seminar

Syllabus Information

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Subtitle Seminar on Japanese Culture
Course Outline In this seminar we explore the religious culture of Japan. Concretely, in this seminar we focus on the various forms of Japanese religious thought (Buddhism, Shinto, etc.) and on the influence of these thoughts on Japanese culture. The topics for discussion can be chosen from a wide range of different areas, both modern and premodern, including art, literature, religion, ethics, aesthetics, and philosophy, and will be decided in consultation with the students.
Objectives Students taking this seminar will learn several aspects of the religious culture of Japan through readings, presentations, and discussions. This is an open-style, informal, relaxed type of seminar, where everyone can share their thoughts and opinions, and with ample time available for questions and discussions. Students are free to choose any thesis topic as long as it has a connection with Japanese religious culture.
Course Schedule Sessions 1-2: Introduction and guidance
Sessions 3-14: Readings, presentations, and discussions
Session 15: Conclusion
Textbooks There is no textbook.
Reference References will be announced in class.
Evaluation One paper and presentation of the paper (70%)
Participation in the readings, presentations, and discussions (30%)
Note / URL There are no prerequisites for the seminar. Also, in principle the working language is English, but depending on the situation, Japanese may also be used. 教員は二十年以上日本に住んでいますので日本語の使用も可能です。

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