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View Syllabus Information

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Course Information

Year 2019  School School of Culture, Media and Society
Course Title
Comparative Studies in British and American Culture 1


Instructor CHAN, Edward K.
Term/Day/Period spring semester  Fri.2
Category Lectures Eligible Year 2nd year and above Credits 2
Classroom 33-333 Campus Toyama
Course Key 2321680015 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code LITE281L
First Academic disciplines Literature
Second Academic disciplines Literature in English
Third Academic disciplines Others
Level Intermediate, developmental and applicative Types of lesson Lecture

Syllabus Information

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Subtitle American Subcultures
Course Outline  This course will survey a variety of different subcultures in the United States in categories such as entertainment, music, lifestyle, sports, etc. Our goal is to understand some of the many other aspects of America beyond mainstream culture. We will also think about and discuss Japanese versions of American subcultures. The course will be conducted entirely in English.
Objectives  Students will learn about various American subcultures, and how to study popular culture in an academic fashion. Students will also develop their English-language reading, writing, listening, and discussion skills.
before/after course of study  There will be short weekly reading assignments in English as homework.
Course Schedule  (subject to change)
 1 Course introduction, defining “subculture”
 2 Star Trek fans and American cosplay
 3 Comic books
 4 Punk rock
 5 Hip hop
 6 Street gangs
 7 Exam 1
 8 Beauty pageants
 9 Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer (LGBTQ) communities
 10 Surfing
 11 Skateboarding
 12 Exam 2
 13 Presentations
 14 Presentations
 15 Presentations
Textbooks  American Subcultures, Edward K. Chan, Notes by Motoko Aimoto, ISBN: 978-4-269-16056-9
Evaluation  Two exams 60%
 Presentation 30%
 Participation/In-class activities 10%
 TOTAL 100 %

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