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View Syllabus Information

  • Even after classes have commenced, course descriptions and online syllabus information may be subject to change according to the size of each class and the students' comprehension level.

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Course Information

Year 2019  School School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course Title
Intensive Studies 8 (American Studies 2)


Instructor CHAN, Edward K.
Term/Day/Period fall semester  Fri.5
Category Elective English Eligible Year 1st year and above Credits 2
Classroom   Campus Toyama
Course Key 2422180008 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code LANE301F
First Academic disciplines Languages
Second Academic disciplines English
Third Academic disciplines English
Level Advanced, practical and specialized Types of lesson Foreign Language
  Open Courses

Syllabus Information

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Subtitle Globalization and Popular Culture
Course Outline  This course will explore ways in which popular culture has become globalized, with particular reference to the United States. Topics for the spring semester will include advertising, art, attitudes, beverages, celebrity icons, cyberculture, dancing, fashion, foodways, and leisure (see specific examples in the course schedule). Topics for the fall semester will include literature, movies, music, slang, sports, technology, tourism, toys, television, and video games. The course will be conducted entirely in English, and each student will be expected to speak in English about her or his ideas and understanding of readings and presentations every week.
Objectives  Through intensive use of various English language skills (reading, listening, speaking, presenting, and writing), students will improve their English usage. Students will also learn about academic approaches to popular culture.
before/after course of study  As this is an “intensive studies” course, students are required to complete short, weekly reading assignments as homework, for which there will be reading quizzes. Students will also do three presentations during the semester.
Course Schedule  (Subject to change)
 1  Course introduction
 2  Globalization and popular culture
 3  Language: slang, Internet-speak, emoticons, emojis
 4  Literature: comics, manga, paraliterary genres (science fiction, romance, mystery)
 5  Movies: classic Hollywood, Hong Kong martial arts, J-Horror, Bollywood
 6  Music: jazz, rock, hip hop, reggae, K-pop, punk
 7  Sports: baseball, soccer, martial arts, Olympics
 8  Technological consumer products: Walkman, iPhone
 9  Television: anime, reality TV, K-drama, Iron Chef, The Bachelor
 10  Tourism: international travel, World Heritage
 11  Toys and play goods: Barbie, hula hoop, Pokémon
 12  Video games: Biohazard, Angry Birds, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto
 13  Presentations
 14  Presentations
 15  Presentations, course wrap-up
Textbooks  Readings will be provided on Course N@vi
Evaluation  Reading quizzes (10 x 5 points)  50%
 Group presentation 15%
 Individual presentation 15%
 Participation / In-class activities 20%
 TOTAL 100 %

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