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Course Information

Year 2009  School School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
Course Title
Special Topics in Functional English

Instructor MATSUNAGA, Masaki
Term/Day/Period first semester  Mon.4
Category   Eligible Year 3rd year and above Credits 1
Classroom 53-103 Campus Nishi-Waseda(Former: Okubo)
Course Key 2600113004 Course Class Code 02
Main Language N/A
  Course Code ZZZZZZZZ
First Academic disciplines N/A
Second Academic disciplines N/A
Third Academic disciplines N/A
Level N/A Types of lesson N/A

Syllabus Information

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Subtitle Intercultural Communication as a Foundation for English Skills
Course Outline Major theories, concepts, and contemporary research findings of intercultural communication studies will be discussed. The course aims to provide students with the knowledge to use English in a communicatively competent manner at higher education settings (e.g., graduate schools or research institutes at foreign countries). Lectures will be given in Japanese, though students may ask questions and/or write reports in either Japanese or English. The course grades will be determined based on: (a) active class participation (note: merely attending classes will not count toward grades); (b) chapter quizzes; (c) final exam; and (d) group report on students' intercultural experiences in daily lives.本授業では異文化コミュニケーション学における主要な理論、概念、および最新の知見について講義を行います。講義は学生の皆さんが海外の大学院や諸研究機関等の高等教育場面に置いて英語を適切かつ的確に用いるために必要な知識を身につけることを目的とします。講義そのものは日本語で行いますが、授業中の質問あるいはレポートの執筆は日本語・英語どちらを用いても結構です。成績は( a )授業への積極的参加(注:単に授業に出席しただけでは評価の対象とはしませんのでご理解ください);( b )教科書の各章についての小テスト;( c ) 期末試験;および( d )日常生活における異文化体験についてのグループ研究レポート;以上、四項目に基づいて決定します。
Course Schedule 1. Defining "Intercultural Communication"2. Intercultural Communication as a Layered Process3. Culture, Communication, and Identity4. Attributes and Attitudes in Intercultural Communication5. Initial Interactions in Intercultural Settings6. Interpersonal Relationships in Intercultural Settings7. Higher Education Contexts
Textbooks Oetzel, J. G. (2008). Intercultural Communication: A Layered Approach. New York: Pearson Education. ISBN-13: 978-0135069356.
Evaluation See the Course Summary above.

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