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View Syllabus Information

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Course Information

Year 2019  School School of Creative Science and Engineering
Course Title
Synthetic Experiments of Industrial and Management Sys.Eng. [S Grade]

Instructor OHNO, Takahiro/KISHI, Tomoji/KOMATSUBARA, Akinori/GOTO, Masayuki/SHIINA, Takayuki/TAKATA, Shozo/TAKAHASHI, Shingo/NAGATA, Yasushi/HASUIKE, Takashi/HISHIYAMA, Reiko/MUNECHIKA, Masahiko/YOSHIMOTO, Kazuho
Term/Day/Period spring semester  othersothers
Category Compulsory Subjects Eligible Year 4th year and above Credits 2
Classroom   Campus Nishi-Waseda(Former: Okubo)
Course Key 2703014001 Course Class Code S1
Main Language Japanese
  Course Code MGTX40ZW
First Academic disciplines Industrial Engineering
Second Academic disciplines Industrial Engineering
Third Academic disciplines General Industrial Engineering
Level Final stage advanced-level undergraduate Types of lesson Work

Syllabus Information

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