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開講年度 2019年度 開講箇所 先進理工学部
Bioscience Practicals A

IPSE Course

担当教員 朝日 透/井上 貴文/大島 登志男/キャンベル ダグラス サイモン/合田 亘人/佐藤 政充/仙波 憲太郎/武岡 真司/武田 直也/竹山 春子/常田 聡
学期曜日時限 秋学期  無その他
科目区分 専門選択 配当年次 3年以上 単位数 2
使用教室   キャンパス 生命医科学センター
科目キー 28GE023009 科目クラスコード 01
授業で使用する言語 英語
  コース・コード MEDG30ZS
大分野名称 医学
中分野名称 医学一般
小分野名称 医学一般
レベル 上級レベル 授業形態 演習/ゼミ


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授業概要 This class aims to introduce how bioscience research is planed and performed through deep scientific discussions with instructors. In some cases, you can learn not only some experimental techniques such as preparation of biomaterials, analysis of DNA, RNA and Proteins, cell culture, and animal handling, but also readout and evaluation of experimental data using what you have gained. 
You need to choose one mentor from Department of Life Science and Medical Bioscience and then contact him/her.
Information of mentors and numbers that mentors take care of will be announced until Oct.7, 2017.
授業の到達目標 Students can understand experimental strategy for bioscience research you want to prove
Students can understand how experiments are carried out as well as how evaluate the results to prove your hypothesis.
授業計画 1st. Guidance @ Conference Room (02C201) for Biomed of TWIns
2nd. Practice 1
3rd. Practice 2

4th. Practice 3

5th. Practice 4

6th. Practice 5

7th. Practice 6

8th. Practice 7

9th. Practice 8

10th. Practice 9

11th. Practice 10

12th. Practice 11

13th. Practice 12

14th. Practice 13

15th. Presentation & Discussion

教科書 Host instructor will introduce Textbook suitable for this lecture.
割合 評価基準
平常点評価: 50% At least 15 days of attendance are required
その他: 50% Presentation
備考・関連URL To register for this lecture, students are required to obtain credits for both "Life Science and Medical Bioscience Seminar I" and "Life Science and Medical Bioscience Laboratory".
If you have any questions, please reach me by e-mail. HarukoTakeyama 


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