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View Syllabus Information

  • Even after classes have commenced, course descriptions and online syllabus information may be subject to change according to the size of each class and the students' comprehension level.

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Course Information

Year 2019  School School of Advanced Science and Engineering
Course Title
Current Topics in Chemistry

English-based Undergraduate Program

Instructor KANYIVA, Stephen Kyalo/KIRIMURA, Kotaro/KURODA, Kazuyuki/GUEGAN, Regis/TEAH, Heng Yi/TERADA, Yasuhiko/NAKAO, Youichi/HANADA, Nobuko/HIRASAWA, Izumi/FURUKAWA, Yukio/HOSOKAWA, Seijiro/MATSUKATA, Masahiko/MOMMA, Toshiyuki/YAMAGUCHI, Tadashi/YAMAMOTO, Kana
Term/Day/Period spring quarter  01:Wed.2/02:Thur.3
Category Compulsory Subjects Eligible Year 2nd year and above Credits 2
Classroom 01:51-06-04/02:51-07-05 Campus Nishi-Waseda(Former: Okubo)
Course Key 28MC012003 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code CHMC20ZL
First Academic disciplines Chemistry
Second Academic disciplines Chemistry
Third Academic disciplines Chemistry
Level Intermediate, developmental and applicative Types of lesson Lecture

Syllabus Information

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Course Outline

Note: The eligible year for EBSE September enrollees is different from the above. Please make sure to check “Students HANDBOOK”.

In this class, each faculty of Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry or Department of Applied Chemistry discusses current topics relevant to his/her research area, which provides students a feel for the research they would be specialized in.  

Objectives 1. Understand the subject(s) presented by each faculty.
2. Work on assignments and participate in in-class activities.
Course Schedule
1YAMAMOTO, KanaGuidance4/10 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
2KURODA, KazuyukiInorganic Chemistry4/11 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
3YAMAGUCHI, TadashiInorganic Chemistry4/17 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
4YAMAMOTO, KanaOrganic Chemistry4/18 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
5MATSUKATA, MasahikoPhysical Chemistry4/24 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
6FURUKAWA, YukioPhysical Chemistry4/25 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
7KIRIMURA, KohtaroBiochemistry5/8 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
8GUEGAN, RegisInorganic Chemistry5/9 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
9KANYIVA, Stephen KyaloOrganic Chemistry5/15 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
10MOMMA, ToshiyukiPhysical Chemistry5/16 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
11NAKAO, YoichiBiochemistry5/22 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
12TERADA, YasuhikoBiochemistry5/23 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
13HOSOKAWA, SeijiroOrganic Chemistry5/29 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
14HANADA, NobukoChemical Engineering5/30 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
15HIRASAWA, IzumiChemical Engineering6/5 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
16TEAH, Heng YiChemical Engineering6/6 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
Evaluation Evaluation:
The overall evaluation will be the cumulative points from each lecture. The scores given for each lecture will be determined by the instructor in charge.
• The limit for missed classes: five (i.e., can miss up to 5 lectures, but not 6), and no points should be given for missed classes.
• Instructors will assess each student on the scale of 1-4.
• At the end of the term, the top 10 credits gained from the lectures will be cumulated and normalized to 100%, which would be used for the final evaluation.
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