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開講年度 2019年度 開講箇所 先進理工学部
Current Topics in Chemistry

English-based Undergraduate Program

担当教員 カニヴァ ステイヴィン キャロ/桐村 光太郎/黒田 一幸/ゲガン レジス/ティア ヘン イ/寺田 泰比古/中尾 洋一/花田 信子/平沢 泉/古川 行夫/細川 誠二郎/松方 正彦/門間 聰之/山口 正/山本 佳奈
学期曜日時限 春クォーター  01:水2時限/02:木3時限
科目区分 専門必修 配当年次 2年以上 単位数 2
使用教室 01:51-06-04(共通ゼミ室)/02:51-07-05(共通ゼミ室) キャンパス 西早稲田(旧大久保)
科目キー 28MC012003 科目クラスコード 01
授業で使用する言語 英語
  コース・コード CHMC20ZL
大分野名称 化学
中分野名称 化学共通
小分野名称 化学共通
レベル 中級レベル(発展・応用) 授業形態 講義


最終更新日時:2019/04/05 19:26:57


In this class, each faculty of Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry or Department of Applied Chemistry discusses current topics relevant to his/her research area, which provides students a feel for the research they would be specialized in.  

授業の到達目標 1. Understand the subject(s) presented by each faculty.
2. Work on assignments and participate in in-class activities.
1YAMAMOTO, KanaGuidance4/10 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
2KURODA, KazuyukiInorganic Chemistry4/11 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
3YAMAGUCHI, TadashiInorganic Chemistry4/17 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
4YAMAMOTO, KanaOrganic Chemistry4/18 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
5MATSUKATA, MasahikoPhysical Chemistry4/24 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
6FURUKAWA, YukioPhysical Chemistry4/25 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
7KIRIMURA, KohtaroBiochemistry5/8 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
8GUEGAN, RegisInorganic Chemistry5/9 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
9KANYIVA, Stephen KyaloOrganic Chemistry5/15 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
10MOMMA, ToshiyukiPhysical Chemistry5/16 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
11NAKAO, YoichiBiochemistry5/22 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
12TERADA, YasuhikoBiochemistry5/23 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
13HOSOKAWA, SeijiroOrganic Chemistry5/29 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
14HANADA, NobukoChemical Engineering5/30 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
15HIRASAWA, IzumiChemical Engineering6/5 (Wed)2nd10:40-12:10
16TEAH, Heng YiChemical Engineering6/6 (Thu)3rd13:00-14:30
成績評価方法 Evaluation:
The overall evaluation will be the cumulative points from each lecture. The scores given for each lecture will be determined by the instructor in charge.
• The limit for missed classes: five (i.e., can miss up to 5 lectures, but not 6), and no points should be given for missed classes.
• Instructors will assess each student on the scale of 1-4.
• At the end of the term, the top 10 credits gained from the lectures will be cumulated and normalized to 100%, which would be used for the final evaluation.


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