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View Syllabus Information

  • Even after classes have commenced, course descriptions and online syllabus information may be subject to change according to the size of each class and the students' comprehension level.

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Course Information

Year 2019  School Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Course Title
English and American Literature 5-1: Research Seminar

Instructor CHAN, Edward K.
Term/Day/Period spring semester  Thur.6
Category Research Seminar Eligible Year 1st year and above Credits 0
Classroom 31-301 Campus Toyama
Course Key 34Z2285809 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code LITE799G
First Academic disciplines Literature
Second Academic disciplines Literature in English
Third Academic disciplines Graduation Paper/Master's Thesis/Doctoral Thesis
Level Level of Doctor Types of lesson Graduate Research

Syllabus Information

Latest Update:2019/03/05 16:55:04

Subtitle American Literature and Critical Theory
Course Outline  This course will be tailored to the interests of doctoral students to enable research for the doctoral dissertation.
Objectives  Students will learn in-depth literary analysis within cultural, historical, and theoretical contexts. Students will also develop their English-language reading, writing, listening, and discussion skills for the graduate level. The main objective is to complete the doctoral dissertation within the term limit.

before/after course of study  There will be weekly reading and/or writing assignments.
Course Schedule  授業計画は、担当教員により初回授業あるいはCourse N@viなどによって示されるので確認すること。
 (subject to change; please confirm on Course N@vi before the first class):
 1  Course introduction
 2  Research workshop
 3  Research workshop
 4  Research workshop
 5  Research workshop
 6  Research workshop
 7  Research workshop
 8  Research workshop
 9  Research workshop
 10  Research workshop
 11  Research workshop
 12  Research workshop
 13  Research workshop
 14  Research workshop
 15  Course wrap-up
Textbooks  Readings will be determined according to student interests.
Evaluation  Pass or fail


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