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Year 2010  School Graduate School of Commerce
Course Title
Marketing Strategy: Product Management Strategy

夏季集中講義 / Summer Intensive Courses

Instructor IM, Subin
Term/Day/Period an intensive course(first)  othersothers
Category   Eligible Year 1st year and above Credits 2
Classroom   Campus waseda
Course Key 3500032603 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code ZZZZZZZZ
First Academic disciplines N/A
Second Academic disciplines N/A
Third Academic disciplines N/A
Level N/A Types of lesson N/A

Syllabus Information

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Course Outline [Course Objective]This course is designed to explore three critical business topics related to product management strategy in marketing: (1) understanding the concept of marketing strategy and framework for marketing planning and implementation, (2) the design and development of new ideas for product/service innovations, and (3) the management of new and existing products and services for sustainable business.The objectives for this course are as follows:・To understand important elements of marketing strategy that is related to product management.・To develop an in-depth understanding of new product/service development and management.・To understand and utilize a process-oriented framework for making new product/service development decisions.・To enhance business communication skills through preparation and presentation of new concepts for products and  services via prototyping as well as its marketing plan[Outline]I.Individual Project Presentation: (1) Innovation Project (2) Chindogu ProjectII.Group Project: “iPhone Apps Project”III.Group Case Study: (1) IDEO (2) New BeetlesIV.Lectures and Class Discussion on Academic Articles: See the syllabus below.V.Final QuizVI.Final Write-up Requirement: A summary of 2 articles (1 page each): (1) Im and Workman (2004),   (2) Im, Montoya-Weiss and Workman (forthcoming)
Course Schedule [Approach]Sessions 1, 2: Marketing Strategy OverviewSessions 3, 4: Product Strategy OverviewSessions 5, 6: Introduction to New Product Development ProcessSessions 7, 8: Opportunity Identification and Concept GenerationSessions 9,10: Concept/Project Evaluation and Product ProtocolSessions 11, 12: Development and Strategic LaunchSessions 13, 14: Final Presentations (Individual and Group projects)Session  15:  Final Quiz[Schedules]Date      Day      Time23 Aug 2010 Monday    1900-2205 hrs24 Aug 2010 Tuesday   1900-2205 hrs25 Aug 2010 Wednesday 1900-2205 hrs26 Aug 2010 Thursday  1900-2205 hrs27 Aug 2010 Friday    1900-2205 hrs28 Aug 2010 Saturday   900-1800 hrs
Textbooks A reading course package that includes case studies and articles
Reference C. Merle Crawford and C. Anthony Di Benedetto, New Products Management, 9thed. Irwin McGraw-Hill.
William D. Perreault, Joseph P. Cannon,and E.Jerome McCarthy, Essentials of Marketing, 12thed.Irwin McGraw-Hill (This book is for Sessions 1-4).
Evaluation 2 individual projects (10% each: 10 x 2 = 20%)
1 Group Project (25%)
Group Case Study (5% each, 5 x 2 =10%)
Final Quiz (30%)
Final Write-up Requirement (8%)
Participation/Attendance (7%)
Note / URL Please read through the "Detailed Syllabus-Course Schedule" before you request to register for this course. In order to check this syllabus, please push the "Referring to Related Material / 関連資料参照" button at the end of this page.You are to be required to purchase the following two business cases individually and read through them before the course begins. You may find the link to obtain them within this syllabus. 1. IDEO Product Development (Harvard Business School Case #9-600-143): by Stephen Thomke and Ashok Nimgade 2. The New Beetle (Harvard Business School Case #9-501-023): by Rajiv Lal
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