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開講年度 2019年度 開講箇所 大学院教育学研究科

担当教員 原田 哲男
学期曜日時限 秋学期  水4時限
科目区分 演習(英語教育) 配当年次 1年以上 単位数 2
使用教室 16-826研修室 キャンパス 早稲田
科目キー 371C210005 科目クラスコード 02
授業で使用する言語 英語
  コース・コード LNGF625S
大分野名称 言語学
中分野名称 外国語教育学
小分野名称 英語教育
レベル 修士レベル 授業形態 演習/ゼミ


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副題 Methodology for Second/Foreign Language Teaching 2
授業概要 This course is the continuation of M1-1 and will provide graduate students with comprehensive knowledge of second/foreign language teaching. It will focus on various basic issues essential to both EFL teachers and researchers. Discussion topics will include teaching methodology, language skills, integrated approaches, learners, and skills for teachers. Students will be expected to find a few possible topics for their M.A. thesis. In addition, each participant will apply some knowledge and techniques obtained from the textbook to actual teaching as a form of microteaching.
授業の到達目標 1. To overview methodology for second/foreign language teaching, focusing on language skills (e.g., listening, speaking, reading, and writing), skills for EFL teachers (e.g., tools, techniques), and learner issues (e.g., motivation, strategies);
2. To do microteaching so that we can bridge the gap between theory and practice in English language teaching;
3. To learn foundations of language teaching, and prepare for the preliminary exam;
4. To choose a few potential topics for your M.A. thesis and become familiarized with the area(s).
Skills for teachers
1. Tools and techniques of effective second/foreign language teaching & Lesson planning in second/foreign language teaching
2. English as a second/foreign language textbooks: How to choose them—How to use them
3. Culture and pragmatics in language teaching and learning
4. Digital technology in language teaching

Integrated approaches
5. Teaching language through discourse
6. Content-based and immersion models of second/foreign language teaching & Task-based teaching and learning
7. English for specific purposes: International in scope, specific in purpose & Literature as content for language teaching
8. Approaches to school-based bilingual education

Focus on the learner
9. Motivation in second language learning
10. Language learner strategies and styles
11. Teaching young learners in English as a second/foreign language settings
12. Adult learners in English as a second/foreign language settings

Focus on the teacher
13. Non-native English-speaking teachers in the profession
14. Classroom research, teacher research, and action research in language teaching
15. Reflective teaching: Principles and practices & Effective professional development for language teachers
教科書 Celce-Murcia, M., Brinton, D. M., & Snow, M. A. (Eds.). (2014). Teaching English as a second or foreign language (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Heinle Cengage Learning.

参考文献 下記以外の詳しい参考文献は授業で紹介する。

Brown, H. D. (2014). Principles of language learning and teaching. (6th ed.). White Plains, NY: Addison Wesley Longman.

Hadley, A. O. (2001). Teaching language in context (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Heinle & Heinle.

Larsen-Freeman, D., & Anderson, M. (2011). Techniques and principles in language teaching. New York: Oxford University Press.

Richards, J. C., & Rodgers, T. S. (2014). Approaches and methods in language teaching (3rd ed.). New York: Cambridge University Press.
成績評価方法 Participation 10%
Presentations 20%
Microteaching 20%
Preliminary exam (linguistics & language teaching) 50%


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