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開講年度 2017年度 開講箇所 大学院会計研究科
Corporate Governance - Basic ※「コア」「実務・応用」英語科目との並行履修不可。「コア」「実務・応用」英語科目を修得済の場合、履修不可

担当教員 ダニエル ドーラン
学期曜日時限 春クォーター  木2時限
科目区分 基礎その他科目(全般) 配当年次 1年以上 単位数 1
使用教室 11-1108(指導室) キャンパス 早稲田
科目キー 4801001E01 科目クラスコード 01
授業で使用する言語 英語
  コース・コード MANX612L
大分野名称 経営学
中分野名称 経営学
小分野名称 経営組織
レベル 修士レベル 授業形態 講義


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Effective corporate governance is very important for publicly listed companies. We will investigate corporate governance--What is it? How does it work? Why is it important? We also will explore different forms of corporate governance and discuss their strengths and weaknesses, with a focus on corporate governance in Japan. 

授業の到達目標 (1) Increase understanding of corporate governance as an activity; (2) Develop ability to think critically about different forms of corporate governance; and (3) Develop writing and discussion skills related to corporate governance.
事前・事後学習の内容 There will be ten, 1-page, written homework assignments.
第1回 Introduction: syllabus, activities, expectations, & evaluation
We will discuss the course syllabus and what we will be doing in the course.
第2回 What is corporate governance?
We will gain a basic understanding of corporate governance as an important business activity.
第3回 Models of corporate governance; Homework 1 due
We will discuss various models of corporate governance, focusing on similarities and differences. Also, homework 1 is due.
第4回 Boards of directors; Homework 2 due
We will discuss the role and functions of boards of directors. Also, homework 2 is due.
第5回 Executive compensation; Homework 3 due
We will discuss executive compensation, with a focus on executive compensation in the United States and Japan. Also, homework 3 is due.
第6回 G20/OECD principles of corporate governance; Homework 4 due
We will study principles of corporate governance, with focus on the G20/OECD principles. Also, homework 4 is due.
第7回 NYSE: 10 principles for effective corporate governance; Homework 5 due
We will study principles of corporate governance, with focus on the ten principles of corporate governance at the NYSE. Also, homework 5 is due. 
第8回 Corporate governance in Japan; Homework 6 due
We will investigate corporate governance models and practices in Japan. Also, homework 6 is due.
教科書 There is no textbook.
参考文献 All reading materials or online links will be given to learners by the instructor.
割合 評価基準
試験: 40% There will be one written exam.
平常点評価: 10% This includes attendance, participation, and effort.
その他: 50% There will be ten, 1-page, written homework assignments.
備考・関連URL This is not an English conversation course. Your English language ability will not be evaluated in any way, so you do not need to have excellent English language ability. For written homework and the exam, you just need to make your ideas and information clear enough in English for me to understand. This course will be done in English, but the focus will be on learning about corporate governance. If you decide to take this course you should be ready to work hard and to participate actively during every class day.


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