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View Syllabus Information

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Course Information

Year 2019  School Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering
Course Title
Master's Thesis (Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering)

Instructor ISHIDA, Toru/KISHI, Tomoji/KOMATSUBARA, Akinori/GOTO, Masayuki/SHIINA, Takayuki/SUGANO, Shigeki/TAKAHASHI, Shingo/TANIMIZU, Yoshitaka/NAGATA, Yasushi/HASUIKE, Takashi/HISHIYAMA, Reiko
Term/Day/Period full year  othersothers
Category   Eligible Year 2nd year and above Credits 0
Classroom   Campus Nishi-Waseda(Former: Okubo)
Course Key 5201009100 Course Class Code 03
Main Language Japanese
  Course Code STSX69ZT
First Academic disciplines Science and Technology Studies
Second Academic disciplines Science and Technology Studies
Third Academic disciplines Graduation Paper/Master's Thesis/Doctoral Thesis
Level Level of Master Types of lesson Thesis

Syllabus Information

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