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開講年度 2019年度 開講箇所 大学院国際コミュニケーション研究科
Language Use

担当教員 バックハウス ペート
学期曜日時限 春学期  火3時限
科目区分 専門科目・言語 配当年次 1年以上 単位数 2
使用教室 11-914(演習室) キャンパス 早稲田
科目キー 5601013021 科目クラスコード 01
授業で使用する言語 英語
  コース・コード LNGA685L
大分野名称 言語学
中分野名称 応用言語学
小分野名称 その他
レベル 修士レベル 授業形態 講義


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副題 Studying language in society

This course deals with the interaction of language and society by looking at both the linguistic consequences of social phenomena and the way language and linguistic interaction leave their mark on social life. Topics discussed include language and gender, language variation and change, language contact and multilingualism, and language use in public and/or virtual spaces.

At the beginning of the term, students will be presented with a list of recent papers in the field of (Japanese) sociolinguistics. Each student will choose one of these papers and present on it in class. Alternatively, students may suggest other papers of interest or present on their own research projects. In each class we will have a maximum of two presentations plus discussion and critical feedback. 

授業の到達目標 After this class you will have a more profound understanding about human communication in everyday life and the various ways of studying it.

1. Introduction

2. Basics and schedule

3. Topic presentations

4. Topic presentations

5. Topic presentations

6. Topic presentations

7. Topic presentations

8. Topic presentations

9. Topic presentations

10. Topic presentations

11. Topic presentations

12. Topic presentations

13. Topic presentations

14. Review

15. Test 

教科書 A list of papers will be provided in Class 2. Most of these will be accessible through Waseda University Library. There will be no textbook.

成績評価方法 60% Active participation + presenting
40% Test


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