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View Syllabus Information

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Course Information

Year 2018  School Center for International Education
Course Title
Global Asia Seminar I 01

Instructor HIRAKAWA, Sachiko
Term/Day/Period spring semester  Wed.1
Category Global Studies Eligible Year 1st year and above Credits 2
Classroom 11-910 Campus waseda
Course Key 9800003001 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code GENX101S
First Academic disciplines General Studies
Second Academic disciplines General Studies
Third Academic disciplines General Studies
Level Beginner, initial or introductory Types of lesson Seminar
  Open Courses

Syllabus Information

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Subtitle Postwar Japan's Diplomatic History
Course Outline

Learning postwar Japan's diplomatic history is essential to understand today's Japan's society.  In the post war period, Japan re-emerged to the world stage as an economic power with pacifist identity. Based on an award-winning textbook, this seminar discusses what shaped postwar Japan's diplomatic courses and how a new identity was molded in the amidst of the Cold War and after,  In addition, this course especially highlights Japan's China policy. What kind of problems did Japan face to cope with normalization with China? What promoted postwar Sino-Japan relations in progressive ways? Such type of questions are addressed during the sessions. Students are required to make book chapter summary presentations and participate discussions based on prepared questions and comments by presenters..

Objectives 1. To get an overall understanding of postwar Japan's diplomatic history.
2. To think about Japan's China policy and Sino-Japan relations from broader perspectives.
3. To exchange own views among international classmates through intensive discussions.
before/after course of study All students are required to prepare questions and comments based on reading assignments. In addition to textbook, the instructor will provide supplementaly reading materials on Sino-Japan relations. The studens are requiredt to submit short writing assignments three times.
Course Schedule

The course will cover the below textbook contents.

1. Diplomacy in occupied Japan: Japanese diplomacy in the 1940's.

2. Conditions of an independent state: Japanese diplomacy in the 1950s..

3. The model of an economic power: Japanese diplomacy in the 1960s.

4. Overcoming the crises: Japanese diplomacy in the 1970s.

5. The mission and trials of an emerging international state:Japanese diplomacy in the 1980s.

6. Japanese diplomacy after the Cold War

Conclusion: How do you evaluate postwar Japanese diplomacy?
























Textbooks Makoto Iokibe, ed (Translated and annotated by Robert D. Eldridge) The Diplomatic History of Postwar Japan, Routledge, 2011.
Rate Evaluation Criteria
Papers: 70% 2 short writing assignment 40 %, final paper 30%
Class Participation: 30% Class contribution (presentation and discussion)

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