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開講年度 2019年度 開講箇所 留学センター
Global Asia Seminar II 02

担当教員 平川 幸子
学期曜日時限 秋学期  水2時限
科目区分 グローバル科目 配当年次 1年以上 単位数 2
使用教室 3-708(演習室) キャンパス 早稲田
科目キー 9800003002 科目クラスコード 02
授業で使用する言語 英語
  コース・コード GENX102S
大分野名称 総合/学際
中分野名称 総合/学際
小分野名称 総合/学際
レベル 初級レベル(入門・導入) 授業形態 演習/ゼミ


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副題 Japan-China Relations in the Modern Era

This seminar aims to understand the general history of Japan-China Relations especially focusing on the late 20thcentury. The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, while Japan recovered its sovereignty in 1952. However, two countries did not enter formal diplomatic relations until 1972. Including private and quasi-governmental exchanges before normalization, the class examine the changes of each country's policy on the bilateral relationship amid the international environment. Through close reading of the textbook and open discussion, the students will analyze what factors tend to connect or separate each other and how the two countries should do in order to enhance regional cooperation in East Asia. Most sessions consist of student presentations and discussions, while the instructor gives additional background lectures. In addition, some extracurricular activities such as guest speaker's sessions are scheduled.

授業の到達目標 1. To get general knowledge of historical events of Japan-China relations.
2. To analyze what factors connected and separated Japan and China in the modern era.
3. To think about how Japan and China can cooperate in East Asia.

事前・事後学習の内容 Reflecting the chapter reading, all students are required to prepare questions and comments, be ready for discussions.

The course covers the following contents of the textbook. Introductory and conclusive sessions are also scheduled.

1. Japan-China relations before 1949: between competitive coexistence and confrontation
2. Japan-China relations of the 1950s: forming relations with the "two Chinas"
3. Japan-China relations of the 1960s: caught between the "two Chinas"
4. Japan-China relations of the 1970s: international politics and restructuring of Japan-China relations
5. Japan-China relations of the 1980s: greater development and appearance of problems
6. Japan-China relations of the 1990s: rise of China and increase of frictions
7. Japan-China relations at the start of the twenty-first century: the rocky path to a strategic mutually beneficial relationship
8. The current state of Japan-China relations: navigating a fragile relationship
教科書 Ryosei Kokubun, Yoshihide Soeya, Akio Takahara, and Shin Kawashima (Translated by Keith Krulak), Japan-China Relations in the Modern Era (Routledge, 2017)
割合 評価基準
レポート: 70% Writing assignments 30%
Term paper 40%
平常点評価: 30% Class participation (presentation and discussion)
備考・関連URL This ”Global Asia SeminarⅡ 02" ispart of the Campus Asia Program and consists of 2credits out of the total requirement (12 credits from Campus Asia relatedcourses AND study abroad at Korea University and/or Pekin University) toreceive a Campus Asia Program completion certificate. Students who are takingthis Intensive Program are recommended to take other Campus Asia Programcourses so that they can be eligible to receive the Campus Asia completioncertificate. For more information, please see:




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