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View Syllabus Information

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Course Information

Year 2018  School Center for International Education
Course Title
Global Asia Practicum 02

Instructor HIRAKAWA, Sachiko
Term/Day/Period fall semester  Mon.6
Category Global Studies Eligible Year 1st year and above Credits 4
Classroom 22-718 Campus waseda
Course Key 9800003008 Course Class Code 02
Main Language English
  Course Code GENX105L
First Academic disciplines General Studies
Second Academic disciplines General Studies
Third Academic disciplines General Studies
Level Beginner, initial or introductory Types of lesson Lecture
  Open Courses

Syllabus Information

Latest Update:2017/12/25 11:59:18

Subtitle Dream Plan Seminar
Course Outline This course is exclusively designed for Master Kong Scholarship students. It functions as a "Home Room" for them. The sessions will guide the students to the successful achievement the program aims for. The students regularly meet and mutually discuss the research strategy especially on their individual "dream plan." In later sessions, all students are required to make a final presentation on their answer to the original dream plan and prepare for final paper submission (approximately 4000-5000 words).

At the same time, some sessions provide the orientation and follow-up opportunities in accordance with the program events such as Sukumo field trip and guest lectures. This course is compulsory for certification of the scholarship program.

Objectives 1) make the whole program process meaningful and enjoyable.
2) write a good final paper to respond to your original dream plan.
before/after course of study All students must work on individual study plan and report to the class.
Course Schedule The course schedule is rather flexible according to event schedules. It also includes mandatory individual office hours. Specific information will be announced in the class.

Textbooks The relevant materials will be provided in the sessions.
Reference N/A
Evaluation Class contribution and paper quality will be totally graded.

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