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View Syllabus Information

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Course Information

Year 2018  School Center for International Education
Course Title
Summer Session (Sociology I) 01

Instructor NAKAMURA, Karen
Term/Day/Period summer quarter  othersothers
Category Global Studies Eligible Year 1st year and above Credits 2
Classroom 実施場所未定 Campus waseda
Course Key 9800005016 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code SOCX101L
First Academic disciplines Sociology
Second Academic disciplines Sociology
Third Academic disciplines Introduction
Level Beginner, initial or introductory Types of lesson Lecture
  Open Courses

Syllabus Information

Latest Update:2018/01/23 09:59:57

Subtitle Exploring Queer and Crip Studies perspectives on sexuality and disability
Course Outline Queer Studies and Crip Studies are emerging intellectual fields that critique social categories of sexuality and disability. This course will explore the history of these interdisciplinary movements and their impact, especially within the field of Japan Studies and Japan sociology and anthropology.
Objectives Develop an understanding of how disability and sexuality have emerged as new identies in contemporary Japan and the historical, institutional, cultural and political forces that have shaped them.

Course Schedule
Introduction from Cartographies of Desire by Greg Pflugfelder.
"Capitalism and Gay Identity" by John D'Emilio
Ch 4-7 from "Deaf in Japan" by Karen Nakamura
Selection from Feminist/Queer/Crip by Alison Kafer
Ch 4-5 from Queer Japan by Mark McLelland
"Disability Worlds" by Rayna Rapp and Faye Ginsberg
Ch 4 & 7 from Disability in Japan by Carolyn Stevens
"Base cultures: sex workers in occupied Japan" by Sarah Kovner
"Self-determination on sexuality?" by Ueno Chizuko; news articles on enjo kosai phenomenon
"Beautiful, Borrowed, and Bent: “Boys’ Love” as Girls’ Love in Shôjo Manga" by James Welker
Discussion of Boys Love
"Trans/disability" article by Karen Nakamura
Selection of news articles on "herbivorous men"
Selection of articles on "sex volunteers" and "White Hands"
Screening of film "Bethel" by Karen Nakamura
Final presentatons
Textbooks Readings are supplementary to class lectures. We may not discuss a specific reading in class, but you should keep up on readings. Content from readings will be included in the quizzes
Rate Evaluation Criteria
Exam: 20% Weekly quizzes
Papers: 30% Final research paper
Class Participation: 20% based on attendance and participation
Others: 20% Final presentation 10%; Provisioning of news articles for class discussion 10%
Note / URL Main Language: English

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