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Course Information

Year 2018  School Center for International Education
Course Title
Summer Session (Literature and Art II) 01

Instructor ZWICKER, Jonathan Elias
Term/Day/Period summer quarter  othersothers
Category Global Studies Eligible Year 1st year and above Credits 2
Classroom 実施場所未定 Campus waseda
Course Key 9800005020 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code CMFE153L
First Academic disciplines Composite Fields Studies
Second Academic disciplines Expression
Third Academic disciplines Literature
Level Beginner, initial or introductory Types of lesson Lecture
  Open Courses

Syllabus Information

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Subtitle Murakami Haruki and Miyazaki Hayao: the Politics of Japanese Culture from the Bubble to the Present
Course Outline Students will be expected to read one novel a week and we will be watching one film per week (in class). Students are expected to have completed reading before each class meeting.  Assignments: students are expected to do readings ahead of time and be able to actively participate in class discussions and complete all in-class writing assignments. There will be a short paper due in the third week and an in-class exam consisting of short essays.

# Students are required to obtain the textbooks for this course. Please refer textbook section.
Objectives This course will examine the works of the novelist Murakami Haruki and the animator Miyazaki Hayao within the context of contemporary Japanese aesthetics and history. Both Murakami and Miyazaki debuted in 1979 and their work has very much defined Japan’s cultural experience from the tail end of the Era of High Growth Economics through the Bubble Era, the Lost Decade, and into the twenty‐first century. Students will explore the works of these two figures in the context of the history of Japanese literature and film and its relation to larger political, social, and cultural trends of Japan from the 1980s to the present.
Course Schedule
6/26:  Introductory meeting and viewing/discussion: Miyazaki Hayao Naussicaa and the Valley of the Wind (1984)
6/28: Reading/disucssion: Murakami Haruki Wild Sheep Chase (1982)
7/3: Viewing/Discussion: Miyazaki Hayao My Neighbor Totoro (1988) and Takahata Isao Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
7/5: Reading/disucssion: Murakami Hauki Norwegian Wood (1987)
7/10: Viewing/discussion: Miyazaki Hayao Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)
7/12: Reading/disucssion: Murakami Haruki South of the Border, West of the Sun (1992)
7/17: Viewing Discussion: Miyazaki Hayao Spirited Away (2001)
7/19: Reading/disucssion: Murakami Haruki After Dark  (2004)
Textbooks [Important condition for taking this course]
You are asked to get ahold of the following four Murakami Haruki novels: Wild Sheep Chase; Norwegian Wood; South of the Border, West of the Sun; After Dark. All novels can be ordered through Amazon Japan and are available through Google Play. In addition, the Waseda University Library has copies of all readings and it should be possible to purchase copies through bookstores in Tokyo like Kinokuniya and Maruzen.
You can choose any edition/publisher for these books; however, it should be English version.
Rate Evaluation Criteria
Exam: 20% There will be an in-class exam consisting of short essay questions.
Papers: 20% You will be asked to write one paper that presents an analytical argument about one film and one novel from the course within the context of the history of contemporary Japan.
Class Participation: 60% You must attend all meetings and participate in discussions; in addition there will be in-class writing assignments.

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