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Course Information

Year 2019  School Center for International Education
Course Title
Summer Session (Literature and Art III) 01

Instructor ZWICKER, Jonathan Elias
Term/Day/Period summer quarter  othersothers
Category Global Studies Eligible Year 1st year and above Credits 2
Classroom 実施場所未定 Campus waseda
Course Key 9800005021 Course Class Code 01
Main Language English
  Course Code CMFE154L
First Academic disciplines Composite Fields Studies
Second Academic disciplines Expression
Third Academic disciplines Literature
Level Beginner, initial or introductory Types of lesson Lecture
  Open Courses

Syllabus Information

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Subtitle Japan Between the Quakes: a Cultural History of the City, 1855-1923 (Advanced Japanese Study)
Course Outline
This course introduces students to advanced study in the Japanese humanities by looking at the transformation of Tokyo over the course of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This will be a project-based course that helps students understand what graduate work in fields like Japanese history, literature, and cultural studies is like. We will have a group of shared readings and will also focus on both group and individual projects that combine historical research on the city using primary sources in Japanese with experiential-learning components based on fieldwork in the area around Asakusa.  Students should have a reading knowledge of Japanese and some background in Japanese humanities.

# Students should have an advanced reading skill of Japanese and some background in Japanese humanities.

〈Required fluency in Japanese〉
Students should be able to read and understand the following passage with the aid of a dictionary to participate in this class.

-- 安藤優一郎『古地図のひみつ』より--

Objectives 1) the course would be project based and assume some ability to read Japanese language (though not fluency)
2) it would introduce students to how to do research and consult collections in and around Tokyo (Waseda's libraries but also NDL, Tokyo Toritsu Toshokan, Kokuritsu Kobunshokan, NIJL, Rekihaku)
3) it would introduce students to basic ideas within the digital humanities, esp. using tools like ArcGSIS online and Storymaps to create projects
4) involve extensive field trips to the areas that we are investigating/mapping in and around Asakusa
Course Schedule
Introductory Meeting
6/24: Please read preliminary readings ahead of time; we will spend this meeting organizing small groups and planning field work.
Tokyo and Its Maps
6/26: Introduction to reading Edo and Meiji period maps of Edo/Tokyo with special emphasis on Asakusa and surrounding area.
The Persistance of the Past
7/1: First small group presentations; discussion of Meiji representations of the city
The Flaneur
7/3: Discussion of Kafu and Tanizaki
The City on Display
7/8: Field trip to Edo Tokyo Museum
Curating the City
7/10: Work on digital projects
Final Presentations
7/15: Small group presentations
Final Presentations
7/17: Small group presentations and wrap up
Textbooks All readings will be provided as PDFs; readings will be drawn from literary and historical sources; we will also make use of maps and prints
Rate Evaluation Criteria
Papers: 35% Short final paper in conjunction with small group project
Class Participation: 35% Attendance, regular participation, and field reports
Others: 30% Small group project and final presentation
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