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開講年度 2017年度 開講箇所 グローバルエデュケーションセンター
Advanced Course on Entrepreneurship D

担当教員 朝日 透/島岡 未来子/パーラック ステイーブン ウイリス
学期曜日時限 春クォーター  木6時限
科目区分 イノベーター/アントレプレナー養成科目 配当年次 1年以上 単位数 1
使用教室 60-102教室 キャンパス 西早稲田(旧大久保)
科目キー 9S91010007 科目クラスコード 01
授業で使用する言語 英語
  コース・コード MANX651L
大分野名称 経営学
中分野名称 経営学
小分野名称 アントレプレナーシップ
レベル 修士レベル 授業形態 講義


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Students learn essential skills and techniques for launching a new business, whether as an entrepreneurial startup or as a new venture within a larger, existing company. We will explore some of the key building blocks for new businesses, including fundraising, marketing, and managing a team. We will also give students a sense of the personal dimensions of building a new business. Students will hear the personal stories of guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including company founders, venture capitalists, corporate intrapraneurs and/or others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

授業の到達目標 The goal of this course is to encourage students to challenge themselves to build new science and technology-based businesses, and to give them the tools and knowledge to help them choose a successful path for themselves.
事前・事後学習の内容 Students should work on assignments or reading the case study before each lecture.

1:April 13:Aim of this class and introduction (Asahi, Pollock)
Asahi and a guest speaker explain the aim of this class.


2:April 20: Practice for coaching skills (Shimaoka)
Students learn fundamental coaching skills.


3:April 27: Leading an entrepreneurial business ? mindset and motivations (Pollock)
What does it take to lead an entrepreneurial business, and who makes a good entrepreneur?  Class session will focus on what motivates entrepreneurs and how they are different from company employees… or not.  What are the real risks and opportunities, and what paths are available to the entrepreneurially minded?


Guest: Ichiro Amimori, CEO Xenoma (


4:May 11:Creating your business plan …  and getting it funded (Pollock)
 Entrepreneurial folklore loves the story of the brilliant idea that led to a huge overnight success. However, most successful entrepreneurial businesses have a good plan built on a solid understanding of the market (and potential investors), and an ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions. This class session will talk about the key elements of creating a business plan and getting a business funded.


Guest: Toshi Otani, Partner, Translink Capital (US)  (


5:May 18: Managing your team (the secret ingredient)  (Pollock)
Entrepreneurs are known for their brilliant vision and often charismatic behavior. But many investors focus much of their due diligence on the quality of the team, and its ability to work together. We will talk about how to find, hire and retain a strong team, and the challenges of building an entrepreneurial culture, especially in cross-cultural settings.
Guest:Koji Osawa, VC in Silicon Valley and Japan


6:May 25:Telling (and selling) your story ? how to market your company (Pollock)
The best product or technology does not always win the market. For startups, having a good story (that is well-known by the right people) is equally, if not more important. This class session will look at key aspects of creating and communicating a compelling story about your business, from understanding the customer, to creating a brand, and breaking through the noise in the market to get your story to the right people.


Guest:Masahiro Tanaka, CEO Asial  (


7:June 1: Case study of real startup and new business  (Pollock)
Students learn what are important for startup and new business through a case study of real startup.


8:June 8: Team presentation (Asahi, Pollock, Shimaoka)
Team discussions and presentations

成績評価方法 No examination.
The report by calss patrcipants must be submitted after the completion of the course and be evaluated by faculties and/or guests.
Contribution to the class is also evaluated.





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